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Understanding Your SEO Report

These simple SEO Reports provide a snap shot of your site’s performance. They generally look at the last 30 days of activity and compare this with the previous period. Expect to see ups and downs in these numbers depending upon everything from the time of year to the amount of marketing activity that you are doing.
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Traffic is the overall traffic generated by your website as a result of clicks from search results. 

Total Impressions are the total number of times your website appeared in the search results when people looked for the search terms your website ranks for.

Total Keywords are the total number of keywords or search terms your website is ranking for.

Average Position is the average position of your website in search results for all your search keywords.

This is followed by the Position Summary which gives you a quick overview of the number of keywords ranking in the top 3 positions, in positions 4-10, and in positions 11-50. 

This could easily be Zero across the board unless you have a specific SEO policy in place that features a particular search term. Bear in mind also that the fewer pages your site has the fewer search terms you are able to rank for. The rule of thumb would be one search term per page.

Top Winning Posts can be misleading as this includes all posts, which may be blog posts, and all your sites pages as well. If you see the ‘post’ shown as home this is literally your Home page and shows how much search traffic it receives and what position it ranks at in Search Results.

Similar to the winning posts, Top Winning Keywords looks at the position change of your website in search results but in terms of individual keywords. In short, it shows you the keywords that are getting the most attention. In details you can see the number of impressions, how many times the site has appeared in search results, and the average position on the page.


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